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Standard Mix

Standard Mix

Basic EQ, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing using standard DAW plugins. 16 Stem limit ($3 for each additional Stem). 

Ideal for mixtapes, quick/emergency mixes, demos, non-tracked out instrumentals, & new artists starting out.

  • What's Included

    • Non-tracked out beat (no beatstems)
    • 10 vocals stems or less stems.
    • One free revision.
    • Delivered in 3-7 days
    • mp3 & WAV Mixdown
    • Full Mix & Master
  • Additional Info

    This mixing package does NOT include:

    • Does not include more than 1 free revision.
    • Does not include vocal production FX 
    • Does not include automation.
    • Does not include added production.
    • Does not include a mixed/mastered instrumental, A Capella, or performance mix.
    • Radio edited version.
    • Does not include mixed or mastered stems.


    • Use of AutoTune ​is​ included upon request. Just let us know you want us to use it!
    • Use of Melodyne is ​not​ included. (​Service sold Separately.​)
    • Reverbs, delays ​are​ included & are not consider vocal production FX
    • De-essers ​will​ be used in the mix. De-essers are not considered manual sibilance edits.
    • Manual sibilance & breathe edits are not included, because each breathe & sibilance issue is manually turned down & automated. It takes time to do, but the results sound professional & don't leave the vocal track feeling over compressed or boxy. (​Sold Separately​)


After you've make your order you will need to Correctly Prepare and Send your Material. Please click here.

album or ep

Need a full EP or album mixed & mastered? We offer 10% off for 3 or more songs & 15% off for 6 or more songs! Email us here to setup an EP or album mix. (Bundles will take longer to deliver.)

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