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About Cultivate Sound

We Work Hard to Make You Better

When you cultivate something, you work to make it better. We invest our time and energy to guarantee a beneficial return. You put your heart and soul in telling your story and creating your music. We cultivate your sound and make it better. 


We know you spend countless hours, days, possibly months writing and producing records – these final and essential processes will ensure your music is heard in the best light possible. We're here to help you take your sound to the next level.


For over 10 years, we have been focused on helping our mixing & mastering clients achieve sonic results that are of the highest standards; thoroughly balanced, impactful, sound great in multiple environments and most importantly, complementary to your song. 


Cultivate Sound is a professional mixing and mastering studio located in Dover, Delaware. We specialize in providing high quality mixing and mastering services. Our studio, equipment, software & plug-ins and experience allow us to provide professional audio mixing and mastering services at affordable rates. 


Semfany Productions

Rahmonn McMillan is our head engineer. He is a talented Audio Engineer and Producer based in Dover, DE providing professional recording, mixing and music production services to accommodate the needs of his diverse client base.

Rahmonn has an extensive knowledge of many different music genres. He has the ability to work in a fun, friendly and professional manner. Rahmonn has been blessed to work with many talented artists and producers, both independent and associated with major labels. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Audio Production at Full Sail University.

Rahmonn believes everyone has a story to tell and he puts 100% of his energy and passion to make that story heard. 

Our services are the best around. Experience and creativity are essential when working as an audio engineer. Our attention to detail and passion for audio quality is evident in every project. Whether in our local studio or online, our clients are included in every step of the project. 

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